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PostSubject: THE OFFICIAL RULES   Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:06 pm

We at VISCANS expect you to follow the following rules:
1) No Flaming, we have an irc channel for that Wink
2) No Spamming, spammers will be banned, unless you post it in the 'Void' section
3) No racism and other related topics
4) When posting a spoiler, Post it in the Spoiler section
5) Admins and Mods are always right, and if they aren't, go down to our irc channel and tell them Razz
6) Don't start threads about how much you think Forum X is better than Forum Y and why they both pwn our forum Wink that'll get you banned, and No, I'm not kidding.
7) All Registered users are requested to go down to the irc channel to either play viscans sponsored mafia or uno.[Requested by LazyGamer]
Cool Failure to comply with any of the rules will get you banned, or even worse, you'll be annoyed by our Village Idiot[Ilesyt]
9) These rules are subject to change
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